Our Approach

Keeping You Posted

At Andrucki & King we take pride in keeping our clients informed. You will receive copies of all documents and mail that we receive or send out on your behalf. We will speak with you and meet with you as your case progresses, keeping you abreast of all important developments. We will speak with you or meet with you before Court appearances so that you will know what to expect. If you have questions or concerns, and your attorney is unavailable, then her legal assistant will make sure that you speak with another attorney who can answer your question.

Assembling A Team

From time to time, we will need more information regarding an issue in your case. If you need a real estate appraiser, an accountant, a financial planner, a vocational counselor, a psychological evaluator, or any other expert, we will assist you in locating a person who can help you. That expert will join us as a member of your litigation team, providing information and potentially serving as an expert witness.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a developing option to provide an alternative approach to the more traditional adversarial process. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this alternative approach.

It’s Your Case — It’s Your Family

We know the law, but you know your family. If you have children, whether they are minors or adults, then you and your ex-spouse or partner will still be parents long after your case comes to a close. That’s why it’s important that we listen to you and support your priorities. It’s your case. We work for you.

You’ll Get Through It

Being involved in a domestic dispute, whether it involves your children, financial matters, or both, can be difficult. In our experience, a healthy client makes the best decisions. By communicating well, making ourselves available for your questions and concerns, and keeping you informed, we do our best to support you through the process.


Although our firm focuses on Family Law matters, we are familiar with professionals statewide who can assist you in other matters, including personal injury, social security disability, worker's compensation, criminal matters, trust and estate work, or other areas of concern to you. We can put you in touch with appropriate professionals who handle those matters. Please contact us for further information.